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Ahoy Matey! Here be Tasks for the Hoi Polloi!
"I can't believe these cuddly creatures were named after me and now they're being featured on Darol's awesome priest task site."

-- Teddy Roosevelt
Now how do I contribute?

Well, Darol has set up some tasks that are mostly description related. Pick up one or more of the tasks and then mail your contributions to with the subject "Evil priest contributions (Darol)" and remember to put your name into the brackets like in the example so Darol knows who to award if he decides to give any taskpoints to the contributors. The best contributor might even get an alpha-testing spot in the new guild, but then again, who knows because that could even be taken as a punishment.

Any submitted contributions may be used by Darol but no guarantees are offered that your contributions get into the game.  Contributions may be modified without additional notice. Any player contributions to this project must be mailed 19th of October 2020 at the latest, but it would be nice if you could submit your stuff even before that. Any additional questions may be addressed to Darol in the game. (use tell).