> finger bogle
Bogle Excubitor is a level 94 mortal of the Satyr race.
He was created Sun May 04 01:52:59 2014 and he is 1y, 58d, 9h, 24min and 49s old.
He has been on for 6h, 4min and 54s, not idle.
He belongs to the House of Molekh.
He is the secondary character of Pisano.
He has killed: Bogle Excubitor the Satyr, 17616 exp
               lesser demon of draen-dalar, 966826 exp (party of 9)
He is a Master Merchant and has some dirt under the chin.
This player has a blog - last modified 114d, 7h, 34min and 14s ago. 
>BatMud Ship Buying Guide: http://www.bat.org/u/Ual
>Batclient FAQ and Best Practices: http://www.bat.org/u/UZ_
>Bead Bracelet Info: http://www.bat.org/u/Tu2

Bogle’s Blog

Banba rides in from east.
Banba bows gracefully before you.
Banba gives you Tiny sword.
Banba exclaims 'defend thyself, sir!'
Banba hops on both legs, flaps his arms and chants (go)
Banba tells you 'didnt have a tmaker handy :)'

Posted: 23 Feb 2020 17:33
Ewige tells you 'i think you've mistaken me for somebody with a clue =D'

Posted: 05 Apr 2019 22:47
Fuser tells you 'cavaliers sturdy leg'
You tell Fuser and Banba 'Fuser tells you 'cavaliers sturdy leg' -- Banba,
Fuser got something for you'
Banba tells Fuser and you 'wonder if cavalier knows'

Posted: 30 Nov 2018 08:21
********************** Round 8 **********************
Aruthra's flex shield wobbles.
The mighty dragon falls to the ground...and vanishes in a puff of pixelated
You getlow-res black dragon egg for your victory!
Ewige's Paingiver axe GLOWS chaotically!
Nova slices through spacetime and Ender dragon turns into a singularity with a
bright flash and floats into Resin's pocket.
s you that
Ender dragon made it to your list of satyr's greatest kills!
You have a new party kill option for top10!
Ender dragon dies in a massive pool of blood.
Ender dragon is DEAD, R.I.P.

> i
low-res black dragon egg

Posted: 02 Nov 2018 15:40
Fuser tells you 'Las, Country, Corps, PIsano'

Posted: 18 Jul 2018 16:58
Shasti tells you 'Toper's head for just 85120 gold! It is a real bargain.'
Temple guard shouts 'Let's do that again sometime, Toper!'
Wispy shades of Toper (ghost): ress

Posted: 04 Jul 2018 00:32
The Moment Has Arrived! The Big Jackpot Drawing For:

After careful scientific and statistical studies were made,
it was decided seers would study the entrails of a rat
and divine the true winner. After careful study and much
bickering as to the nature of life, the Winner was found to be

You just won the Lottery! You receive 4746018 experience as the award!

Posted: 14 Jun 2018 01:10
Congratulations! You have just completed Rescue the bunny!
You receive 863 gold as a reward for completing the quest.
You receive 2 training points.

Posted: 05 Jun 2018 20:24
Congratulations! You have just completed Gemcutter!
You receive 147 gold as a reward for completing the quest.
You receive 2 training points.
You have earned a fortune working as a gemcutter in Waldrand!
You take 5 carat blacksapphire gem (princess cut) from a gemcutter's workbench
(almost empty).

Posted: 27 Feb 2017 23:48
|                          Bogle Proudly Presents                           |
|                        Bogle's Shipwright Services                        |
|Shipwork  - Prices do not include special items        |                   |
|CLASS UPGRADES:           MODULES:                     |                   |
|Class 1         - 200k    Console         50k        __-__    |            |
|  +3 str or +3 con item   Crows Nest      40k        ) |  \ __-__          |
|Class 1->Class 2- 250k    Galley          50k        | |   )) |  \         |
|  +5 wis or +5 dex item   Sailor Qtrs     50k    |.  ._|___|| |   )\       |
|Class 2->Class 3- 1.75M   Cargo Hold     100k    ) '.`-|---'|_|___| '.     |
|  +7 wis or +7 int item   Lounge         100k   /    '.|     /|   ) |_\_.-'|
|Class 3->Class 4- 2.0M    Speed Magi     100k  .'      '|    .-|.-.|_.-'   |
|  +4 hpr or +4 dam item   Captains Cabin 160k  '------------------|        |
|Class 4->Class 5- 2.25M   Lift Magi      150k  |                 /         |
|+10 con or +10 str item   Cannoneer Qtrs 200k   `_______________/          |
|Class 5->Class 6- 2.9M    Defense Qtrs   100k                              |
| +4r pr  or +5 spr item   Teleporter     200k                              |
|                          Assault Qtrs   125k                              |
|Notes: Special items can be included for an additional charge.             |
|       Reinforcements also available, ask Bogle for details.               |
|                                                                           |
|Standard Price Quotes:                                                     |
| New and pretty minimal Class 3 Ship................................ 3.21M |
|  - Hull, captains cabin, 1 cargo hold, 2 lift, 3 sailor, 3 speed         |
| Standard Class 3 to Class 4 upgrade................................ 2.65M |
|  - Hull upgrade to C4, sailor, speed, 2 lift, teleportation chamber       |
| Standard Class 4 to Class 5 upgrade................................ 3.00M |
|  - Hull upgrade to C5, sailor, speed, 4 lift                              |
|                                                                           |
| In most cases shipwork will not be instantaneous, you will be placed in a |
| job queue and informed of your place in queue.                            |
| Place your order with Bogle today!                                        |
|                                                                           |
| Links to information about ships -> blog bogle 62017.                     |
| (credit to Tarken and Hannibal for the formatting and sweet ascii art.)   |

Posted: 08 Feb 2017 22:26
Useful links for learning about ships:

The silverlake parts of this guide:

Sailor guild info: http://batwiki.wx.fi/wiki/The_Union_of_Sailors
Naval Battle info: http://batwiki.wx.fi/wiki/Naval_battle

Posted: 21 Oct 2016 16:42
Dagnarille [newbie]: do clones last until killed?
Bogle [newbie]: Yes.
Dagnarille tells you 'so my clone is probablyh still out there? does it hunt
me or just players in general?'
You tell Dagnarille 'no it will hunt you and only you. Be afraid, be very
Dagnarille tells you 'lol I am'

Posted: 24 Aug 2016 22:02
You ask Arska about pristine crystal.
Arska says 'Ah, a pristine weenite crystal! Those can be used as a reagent for
the spell 'mass protect equipment'.'   

Arska says 'I will teach you the spell, in exchange for ten of them.'
Arska says 'This will do. I can teach you what to do with these.'
You are taught the spell 'mass protect equipment' at 80 percent.
You give a collection of 10 pristine crystals to Arska.

Posted: 24 Jul 2016 22:23
(22:21) Elwynes tells you 'also'
(22:22) Elwynes tells you 'channeller only gets criticality to 75'
(22:22) You tell Elwynes 'yes, this is another reason you need inner'
(22:22) Elwynes tells you 'psi gets criticality'
(22:22) Elwynes tells you 'but again, the 35 levels.. which by then your half
way into your second damage type and already having all def shizzle'
(22:22) @Elwynes growls and screams 'MUR!'.
(22:22) @Elwynes falls down in a dramatic death-struggle before you.
(22:23) Elwynes tells you 'life is so hard.. VOTES FOR TRUMP! MAKE PSI GREAT
(22:23) You emote to Elwynes 'nods at you, 'Yep!'.'
(22:23) You emote to Elwynes 'goes 'MUAH' at you.'

Posted: 20 Jul 2015 04:59
|    |    |
                   )_)  )_)  )_)
      ---------                   /---------
        ^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
          ^^^^      ^^^^     ^^^    ^^
               ^^^^      ^^^

Waves crash against the shore and dragons roar!!!
    Fireworks burst over the Arelium Shipyards..
    Congratulations to our newest Shipwright!

He joins other recent Shipwrights:
Turmio, Goodgulf, Choboeio, Kawa and Jeanmarie

Posted: 20 Jul 2015 04:58
Darvenport [merchant]: AARRRRRRR!!!! We have a new Master Shipwright joining
our ranks! Congratulations to Bogle!!
: Dralith boggles at the concept.
(merchant): Sammael starts moshing with Bogle.

Posted: 27 May 2015 20:13
Ralph tells you 'It seems you have indeed explored the areas I asked you to
look into. I shall teach you what you wish to know then.'

Posted: 23 May 2015 07:27
You forge and forge the chest construction and puuh slightly as you hammer the
last bolt. You admire your handiwork as you have constructed a gargantuan
bamboo vault reinforced with dukonium (open).
Congratulations, for creating a 12 slot chest
you receive 100000 exp.

Posted: 24 Feb 2015 22:09
Cock shouts 'Pussv, no hard feelings, ok? *cackle*'

Posted: 11 Jan 2015 22:35
Senson tells you 'unless i get bad luck its going to die'
Info: Senson dies.
Ghost of Senson [ghost]: rais plz
Ghost of Senson tells you 'i killed it'

Posted: 18 Dec 2014 03:02
You enter the stage from behind the curtains.
This shabby looking comic looks just like a men you see in rickety bars at 10
am and 10 pm, they're always there. He really is in a need of bath and shave.
You feel sorry for this sad old bastard.
You start a play, with following players: Comedian.
%Comedian walks out on the stage up to a stand with a gray microphone.
%Comedian says 'Well hello there folks. It is sure is nice to see so many
bright shining faces out there in the audience.'
%Comedian says 'I have some jokes for you tonight.'
%Comedian says 'This is a little set I like to call, "That's Racist!"'
%Comedian says 'What did the Speaker of the House say to his fellow cyclops?'
%Comedian pauses dramatitically...
%Comedian delivers the punchline, "The eyes have it!"
%Comedian hears murmurs from the audience.
%Comedian says 'Neigh was the response from the centaur senator!'
%One person laughs a little TOO LOUD, but Comedian just laughs at his own
%Comedian says 'Oh, I'm glad you enjoyed that one.'
%Comedian says 'Yes, even gnolls are welcome at this venue.  At least they
aren't killing the rate of my jokes!'
%Comedian pauses for laughter, but hearing none presses on.
%Comedian says 'What did the satyr say as he ran away?'
%Comedian waits.
%Comedian says 'Let's hoof it!'
%Comedian hears a few scattered boos from the audience.
%Comedian dodges a rotten cabbage.
%Comedian is unperturbed.
%Comedian says 'hickory dickory dock,'
%Comedian says 'the mouse ran up the clock'
%Comedian says 'the clock struck one'
%Comedian says 'and down he run-'
%Comedian says 'hickory dickory the demon *CRUELLY RENDS* the mouse. R.I.P.'
%You could hear a pin drop the place is so quiet. Comedian looks a bit
%Comedian says 'Oh come on now, is the audience made up of gargoyles or
%Comedian says 'That would explain the stoney silence!'
%Comedian hrms.
%Comedian says 'Perhaps a haiku then...'
%Comedian says 'A mossy ent strides'
%Comedian says 'Atop a leaf clad hillock'
%Comedian says 'Winter is coming'
%Comedian whispers 'well that won't end well for the ent.'
%Comedian makes a meaningful gesture of a slit across his throat.
%Comedian says 'Ok ok everyone likes limericks, no?  Here are some race-based
%Comedian says 'There once was lovely she-merfolk'
%Comedian says 'the butt of a practical joke'
%Comedian says 'her new dress with green leaves'
%Comedian says 'complete with under greaves'
%Comedian says 'was made out of fresh poison oak'
%Comedian pauses for a moment.
%Comedian says 'There once was a twofaced young moomin'
%Comedian says 'who sipped on a bottle of sloe gin'
%Comedian says '"don't get me drunk'
%Comedian says 'on that lousy junk"'
%Comedian says 'she gripped at her siamese moo-twin'
%Comedian slaps his knee and guffaws, "moo-twin!"
%Comedian says 'There once was an airheaded lich'
%Comedian says 'who ran into a tiny glitch'
%Comedian says 'now where's my phylactery'
%Comedian says 'it's not this gimcrackrey'
%Comedian says 'return it and you will be rich!'
%Comedian says 'For the for the captains among you I present a couple of
limericks of the ocean.'
%Comedian says 'There once was nautical gnoll'
%Comedian says 'whose ship was powered by coal'
%Comedian says 'he drank too much vodka'
%Comedian says 'and suffered a trauma'
%Comedian says 'and woke up upon an atoll'
%Comedian takes a breath.
%Comedian says 'A skeleton with creaky bones'
%Comedian says 'sailed his ship in among rocky stones'
%Comedian says 'he sought to escape'
%Comedian says 'pirates on the cape'
%Comedian says 'now he sleeps down with Davy Jones'
%Comedian hears some scattered ARRs from the audience.
%Comedian says 'A gnome with his clever device'
%Comedian says 'he added a little dry ice'
%Comedian says 'he flipped the switch on'
%Comedian says 'it released a stink of dead prawn'
%Comedian says 'and out came a rancid fish slice'
%Comedian hears some rapid tiny applause from the gnomes.
%Comedian says 'A minotaur lost in a maze'
%Comedian says 'awake from a drug induced haze'
%Comedian says 'he reached for his horns'
%Comedian says 'and found they'd been shorn'
%Comedian says 'now she dances the Luce cabaret'

Posted: 18 Dec 2014 03:03
%Comedian begins another one.
%Comedian says 'All night do the satyrs rave'
%Comedian says 'Your participation they do crave'
%Comedian says 'A gift of white powder'
%Comedian says 'and no it's not flour'
%Comedian says 'once you're hooked you become their love slave'
%Comedian moshes at the audience.
%Comedian says 'Partied all night did the satyr'
%Comedian says 'awoke with a troll and full bladder'
%Comedian says 'he went off for a pee'
%Comedian says 'the troll cackled with glee'
%Comedian says 'and fried him up nicely in batter'
%Comedian whispers 'I guess trolls like their food marinated.'
%Comedian says 'A beguiling and no good young sprite'
%Comedian says 'was about on a midsummer night'
%Comedian says 'he transformed some goat poo'
%Comedian says 'into lovely fondue'
%Comedian says 'oh eat it don't be so uptight'
%Comedian mmms.
%Comedian says 'A lizardman most reptilian'
%Comedian says 'a guileless one in a million'
%Comedian says 'after being debased'
%Comedian says 'and getting shit faced'
%Comedian says 'she woke up with quite the brazilian'
%Comedian start another one.
%Comedian says '"Hello priest I have come to confess",'
%Comedian says 'said an elf lass in a pretty white dress'
%Comedian says 'You see I'm a nympho'
%Comedian says 'and I have a penchant for pernod'
%Comedian says 'they awoke in a state of undress'
%Comedian says 'A few last limericks, while wizard's aren't stricktly a race I
though they should be honored here.'
%Comedian says 'As a wizard sat idly twiddling'
%Comedian says 'he coded a huge cock for diddling'
%Comedian looks shocked as a boomining "RM" echoes throughout the
%Comedian thinks for a second.
%Comedian says 'Odd, I can't remember the end of that one'
%Comedian eyes Cyberman suspiciously.
%Comedian says 'Bunnies in anchovy sauce'
%Comedian says 'please Ggr don't be cross'
%Comedian says 'kobolds raid bunny valley'
%Comedian says 'and cook them up in the galley'
%Comedian says 'don't eat them and it is your loss'
%A shadow of a LARGE BUNNY appears behind Comedian.
%Comedian eeps fearfully.
%Comedian says hurriedly and with a stutter, "Wellll I think I've overstayed
ma-ma-my welcome."
%Comedian says Ho-ho-hope you enjoyed the show.
%Comedian runs off the stage fearfully without even waiting for applause.
%The bunny HOPS deliberately after Comedian.
%You hear a muffled scream from backstage and the victorious cry of the Bunny.
%A stream of smaller bunnies, along with Bunny, issues forth onto the stage
dragging with them a long fleshy tube.  You think it might be an intestine.
%Music starts - Frank Sinatra starts singing New York, New York, Bunny winks
at you.
%The bunnies stand up on their hind legs around Bunny and begin kicking in
rhythm to the music, first with bent knee then with full little bunny legs
%For four minutes and eighteen seconds Bunny and the smaller bunnies dance
with the intestine of the would be comedian.
%You are horrified and fascinated by Bunny's grotesque performance.
%The curtains close and Bunny says, "This show is over go about your
%Bunny waves its front paws, saying 'shoo, shoo!'
You stop the play.

Posted: 13 Dec 2014 08:56
Zhaozhi tells you 'which turtles dont do btw!!!'
Zhaozhi tells you 'mtell'

Posted: 27 Aug 2014 04:03
[03:53]:Parsin (rage+): we need tank and 2 more damage makers
[03:55]:Dl (rage+): id love to join but alex party last night made wife aggro
for near future
[03:56]:[rage+]: Bogle pulls out his bullwhip and playfully whips Dl on the
[03:56]:Pagar (rage+): did you explain the concept of 'eq' to her?
[03:59]:Dl (rage+): i did.  first i stood in front of her naked as an example
of noeq.  then i put a papertowlel roll on my cock as an example of with eq
[03:59]:Darkshine [rage+]: must have been a small roll
[04:01]:Dl (rage+): short... but wide..  like a tuna can
[04:01]:Dl (rage+): she calls me starkist

Posted: 21 Aug 2014 17:07
batmud accepts all kinds:
Spann [bat]: does heft improve with size of mounts or mount skills?
Spann [bat]: suppose I could try to mount a sheep
Naamafanta [bat]: like a true wales man?
Spann [bat]: yep
Spann [bat]: can someone take a sheep so I can mount it?
Naamafanta [bat]: giving 50k for the first one doing here emote "baa"
Bogle [bat]: lol
(bat): Thunk makes the sound of a sheep, 'Baaaa'.