Coren's Guide to dealing with Arches.
1. Don't ask too may questions about coding, Arches panic:
     Goretongue tells you 'what the hell are you doing?'
2. Always avoid laughing at an Arch no matter what, even newbie Arches:
     @Gore acks at you.
     Gore tells you 'destructed myself'
3. Always keep your promises to Arches:
     Quadra : gotrek promised to send some beer to Archs but he defrobbed
4. Arches will almost always help you if you ask nice enough,
although sometimes you don't necessarily want their help:
     Gore tells you 'sorry, too drunk to even find the right keys'
5. Sometimes newbies know Arches better than you:
     You say 'gore's a meanie. :(.'
     Silea says 'gore is just an Arch, they have a different sense of right and wrong, etc...'
6. Then again sometimes newbies know less than you think:
     Newbie tells you 'do i put a cd shiny side up or shiny side down into a cdrom drive?'
7. Help archwizards are always right
     Gore tells you 'I could give you mine. I have way too much ego anyhow.'
     Gore tells you 'pushy, arrogant piece of shit ;)'
     Gore tells you 'I guess that's me ;)'
     Gore tells you 'and DAMN proud of it too!'
8. Arches are like wild animals in captivity:
     Silea tells you 'best i can figure, arches are a totally different breed.
     talking to them is like throwing peanuts to animals at the zoo.'