Elwood's Page


   BatCity Church
    Caves Of Orac
    Temple Of Magerathia

    Clone Event
    Biff Swift The Collector
    SnowBall Fight
    Assassination Game
    Ball And Tit Event (original concept by Duke)

    Food Server
    35 Collector Cards
    Joints (original concept by Coren)

FINISHED PROJECTS (unimplemented)
Moon Phase Server
    Configurable Drug/Potion Effects System
    Merchant Council Voting System
    Popularity Server

    Haunted Mansion (area)
    Mountain Of Mowgles (event)
    Cavalier Guild (mount system code by Shinarae)
    Scheduled Monster Server
    Heirachial Monster Generator
    "Fast Evolution" Monsert Server
    Dungeon Of Death (area)

     Elwood started playing BatMUD in August 1992 from North Carolina State
     University computer labs.  He wizzed in December 1992.  His first code
     which was worthy of levels was the Clone Event, coded over Christmas
     break 1992.  The Archwizard Tonze approved the event.  His first area was
     the BatCity church.  The original coder of the church left the game under
     unfriendly circumstances and requested all his code be removed.  Elwood
     volunteered and wrote what is now the new church.  (note: the distinct
     shape of the bottom of the basement was NOT intentional)  Then some
     other things happened and he coded some other stuff, but die to heavy
     drinking he remembers none of it.  Then he wrote this web page.  That's
     about it.  Thank you!