What on earth will be happening at this Con? This list
is just the beginning. Feel free to send your own
contributions. Make sure they're reasonable though.

Note: That these are only potential tasks. They may or may not be tasks, and there could always be more that aren't listed on this page.

*Newly Added Tasks*

Bardic Task:
• This task is for people who come to campcon and basically attempt to be a bard. Anyone who comes and sings a song in public, recites poetry, re-enacts a part of a play, or even reads historical documentation will be involved in this task. There is a panel of 3 people (grandmaster bard darian, entropy, mike)who will judge anyone who attempts this task. There will be more information on batmud if you want to know more. Trivia Task:
• If you can ask/answer various trivia questions about previous CampCon's.

*End Of New Tasks*

Fishing Champion:
• Who can catch the most fish? The biggest fish? The smallest fish?

Stupidest Thing Done:
• I believe the title explains it all.

Best Food Brought:
• Refer to title.

Best Prepared Camper:
• Refer to title.

Anyone Who Brings Someone New:
• Bring someone new to CampCon. Whether they be from Bat, or elsewhere.

Anyone Who Brings Extra Camping Gear For Others:
• Extra sleeping bag? Tent? Long underwear? Bring it! You'll be rewarded.

Who Brings The Best Props:
• This is an award for the person(s) who bring the most 'interesting' pieces of equipment to CampCon.

Female Players:
• If you play Bat, are female, and are in attendance, you get Task Points. Oh, and your
character must be either Level 30 or 7 days game age.