Where and when is all of this fun taking place?
Well, that's what you're about to find out.

• Clay City, Clay County, Indiana
• The Campcon site is deep in the heart of Indiana farmland, located in western Indiana on one of the many strip-mine lakes. The location was chosen specifically to force people to stick around and visit the people they traveled so far to meet. Usually at mudcons people group up and rush around visiting local establishments. There isn't much nearby which will allow you to spend more time with your fellow players.

• Starting date is June 11, 2004.

• From Indianapolis:
Go west on I-70 to the Brazil/Linton exit or exit 23.
Take highway 59 south to Clay city.
Turn east on 246 in Clay city and go 2 miles.
You will pass a high school on the right.
At approximately 2.1 miles you will see a small power station
On the Left far corner of an intersection. Turn right there.
Go about 1/8th mile and campcon is on the left.
Look for cars. If you see a big farm on your left, you have gone TWO!!
driveways past the correct driveway.

The Lake:
• The lake is a very small, used mostly for fishing and relaxing. It is stocked with catfish and crappie but also has a nice supply of turtles and bass. To make sure you understand the size of the lake I will tell you that it is rather narrow and can only be navigated by 12 foot aluminum boats powered by battery operated troll motors. Don't expect to be visiting a fancy water resort.

Local Area:
• Clay City is a very small town of ~10k-20k people. It contains 2 gas stations, a supermarket, a small bar, a liquor store, a bank machine and a small main street diner. The next larger city (Brazil) is ten minutes away and contains more of the larger town necessities. The nearest mid-size city is a half-hour away (Terre Haute) but even that's still not huge.

General Information:
• You will want to try to bring a tent and a sleeping bag (or a car) to sleep in. Also, we have 4 trailers of variable size. Two are small camping-like trailers, one is medium sized and one is a large mobile home. We will try to save the trailers for females and people who couldn't bring anything. So please, if you have a tent and camping gear bring it, maybe even bring extra if you can.
• We have well water and electricity, but do not have telephones. There now are two full bathrooms with showers in the mobile home which received even my wife's approval. By June we may also have central air conditioning (if needed) in the main mobile home. But be prepared to get a lil dirty, this is a camping con after all. It's just not as bad as it could be. :)

• There is good fishing if you want to go fishing. We have a ton of fishing poles so don't worry about that or tackle. You might, however, have to buy live bait in town.