Some feedbacks on my projects.

From: Welwood
Date: Thu Nov 14 23:34:05 2002
Subject: Obvious bugs in mail reader.
Dude I've been messing with the news reader now for like at least 8 minutes
already and there is just no way that I have been able to figure out how to
make it do some stuff that it is pretty obvious that it should be doing. I'll
list out the stuff in order of importance so you can fix it when you get back.

1. The new news reader is completely useless as a shovel. I cant seem to make
it dig even one grave, no matter the size of the mob. I cant tell you how many
undeads I've had to leave lying around due to my inability to dig a grave with
the new news reader.

2.I cant wield or wear it, how am I supposed to kill mobs with this new news
reader I ask you if it absolutely refuses to be wielded??

3 Maybe this one is just me, but I havent been able to robot torch creation
nearly as well with this new news system as I could with the old one. I dont
know why exactly, but for some reason it's true. Actually this one should have
been #1, but nobody has taken the time to fix the mail system yet, so I cant
change it now.

There are some other smaller bugs that I've found, like not being able to use
the news reader as a reloc target etc., but I'll tell you about those when you
get back

Thanks in advance for fixing these huge problems dude, I'll be around if you
need more details.

-Welwooduse torch creation

And another one!

From: Welwood
Date: Mon Feb 24 05:37:51 2003
Subject: new emotes we need
tell favorit I have made up a few new emotes that we need in the game if your
interested, so far I've got rape, molest and sperm. I'm sure they will add a
new degree of playability so if you want me to show you just ask for whichever
you wanna do first, thanks dude ah your idle I'll mail this to you just in
case you miss it dont want you to not get it.

Keep coming!

From: Welwood
Date: Thu Jul 31 19:41:34 2003
Subject: Bugs and stuff that needs to get done ASAP
Hey dude sorry I've been gone so long.

I've been playing "Planetside", a massive multiplayer online first person
shooter for the past 2 months now and there are some bugs in the game that I
think that need to get fixed.

1. The doors on the spawn room sometimes dont open, forcing me to flip out
ninja style and kill the people who are crowding in front of me attempting to
get out. This massmurder does nothing at all to open the doors though and
usually I'm quite content in knowing that I'm first in line when the doors
open when some asshole behind me in line decides he's going to shoot me in the
back like a pansy, even though he knows that in doing so he wont be able to
get out. (I swear, some people are too stupid to breed)

2. Occasionally, when teleporting between continents in the galaxy transport
plane that I frequently fly, the game freezes and crashes to desktop, sending
everyone that was in the transport plane crashing to an immenent and firey
death. This would also not be so bad and I dont mind the crashing to desktop
so much, but I frequently end up dying along with all the morons who jumped in
the transport plane I'm flying when they should damn well know I will just end
up crashing, killing them all. I'm not sure what you should fix first, the
CTD, the game freeze, or the players stupidity, but if not anything else,
please code it so that I wont get killed too when it happens.

3. I know that this isnt really a game related issue, but if you can find the
time to code it so chicks will be impressed with my ability to buy booze and
play video games I would appreciate it. (I dont know coding so I cant really
tell if this would be hard or not, but it's pretty imperative that it gets
done before this weekend)

Thanks in advance


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