Players' Ideas Corner

From: Welwood
Date: Mon Mar 10 06:47:37 2003
Subject: My ideas for evil priests
Coren doesnt want my input for evil priests, so I'll send them to you. I know
that you probably dont have anything to do with the implementation of ideas
for evil priests, but that shouldnt get in the way of implementing my ideas.
1. I think priests being able to actually get habo off 1 out of 40 times cast
is WAY too much. I have fought dozens of priests irl and I can honestly say
that they fight like moist bitches, priests couldnt hit the toilet with a 5
foot long dick.

2 Priests arent really EVIL enough. I would like to see them voting more

3. Priests havent really any ability to robot torch creation, nuff said.

Hopefully you can fix that stuff even though it's up to coren, thanks in

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