What have i done so far:

Cevi Village
This are is only accessible to Barbarians. The only purpose of this area is the Barbarian quest within. The area is located pretty much straight west from the barbarian guild. You must swim over a sea or take a slight detour over the bridge at south.

Mushroom hill
This is a place where The Mushroom Mother dwells. Good for lowbie exp. The area is located in the swamp southwest of BatCity.

Abandoned valley
This is a small newbie area with little critters for low levels to hunt. The area is located in the dense forest south of the road leading from Orion to Ravensflyte. Just south from Catfolk village.

Mansion of Domgroth
Detailed and quite large area targetted at varying levels. Althou you better have sturdy party to roam deep into the mansion. Remember, if you are welcome, be polite. There are two ways to get in, currently no-one has figured out how to get in the second way. Tell me if you crack that :)

I have also fixed some libcode bugs and tuned some shit, but can't remember what exactly. Nevermind, I'd like to get my planned areas done :)

What is under construction:

Plane of Wind
This will be a setting for the domain of Domgroth. There will be a couple of smaller areas within to collect hints. There will be a continuing storyline to a major encounter here.

Horn Dragh
The final guard post before .... something within plane of wind. It will be a bugger to get through here. Expect to waste a lot of time and get nothing in return.

Monster factory
This is just a funny idea I had, and decided to start coding while drunk. Basically you can buy parts to a monster and a piece of EQ and then test it out in an arena. I'm trying to create a bit better than average AI to these mobs. It might be that this area will never even see approve because of the abuse potential.

Ring of Domgroth
An event targetted for full highbie party. All online players may assist. Vast amount of rewards of varying quality. Main idea is to throw the party against monsters who get harder all the time. This can run for very long time and i am not excepting succesfull 'end' for the event for the few first runs.

Magic based guild for buffing and debuffing stats, control aggressivenes of monsters, some prots. This is just an idea. Althou i already have few pages of planning ready, I have not requested pre-approval for such guild. (Meh... There's enough new guilds already. And I'm not active enough to maintain a guild.)

Off you go! Back to Bat!