Short history

Started playing BATMUD sometime around 1995. Became a wizard for the first time in July 1998. Coded a couple of areas and an event but got overwhelmed with an urge to play again and subsequently remorted early September 1999. Played for about two years until I realized my mistake and got a second shot at being a wizard on the 5th of December 2001 and since then I've been coding happily. That's about it.

Finished projects

  • Brimshire
  • Ruins of El Deagnoh
  • Portal area (aka Simon's)
  • Dah'bec
  • The gauntlet event (not mine anymore)
  • The Amberley mansion (with level quest 71)
  • Seabird Inn
  • Red Dog game (Batcity casino)
  • Battlefields/rebels area
  • Psionicist guild (recoded, Blitzer was the original coder)
  • Templar guild (recoded, Dragoness was the original coder)
  • The city of Calythien
  • The Tower of Corabandor (recoded/converted, SJ's area originally)

Current projects

  • New guild (don't ask)
  • New area (going very slowly)
  • Maintenance (always the best part)
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