Malar's corner

Malar's world of wizardry

The Yugoloth stronghold in Furys Heart. A place filled with cunning devils and traps.
The keep in Furys Heart, seen from a distance. The climate is quite harsh here. Deadly, even.
The Keep in Furys Heart, with its guardians on the battlements. Originally due for release in 2004, but lack of imagination and energy has delayed it somewhat.
A picture of the Outpost area. This was a hasty render and I'm a bit embarassed to show it here even. I tried to show the platform and stairs amongst the trees but it's a jungle out there..
And a pic from Lord Moonsong's office.
A small pic of the Beastlands. The view is from the north above the mountain range. At the left center you can see the Beastlords tower that dominates the jungle. A little north of that Liezebs tree can be seen under the clouds. The whole picture is pretty fuzzy really, but I didn't have time to render a better version. In the far end of the picture you can see the river going past the mountain island into the sea.
And here is a small pic of the tower itself.

Stuff released.

This list is rarely updated and many, many wonderful things are probably missing.

November 2010

  • who newbie added.
  • Added speed conversion to cmds/mort/convert.c, some aliases and cleaned it a bit.
  • slots info - shows what occupies the slots.
  • /lib/num_to_string.c (and manpage). Makes k,M,G,T etc and rounds appropriately.

    October 2010

  • playkeep scrolls

    September 2010

  • Godly presence effects made to support negative numbers.
  • Nora tuned.
  • Inventory maximum objects increase support in lib and commands

    June 2010

  • remove command recoded. Now supports some new features.

    March 2010

  • godly presence shows in show effects
  • 80? bugs closed. (Bat-30 competition!)
  • chantag lite + last fix. Headache. this wasn't so easy as it sounds.
  • rotn command

    October 2009

  • The game of life.

    August 2009

  • Added logging functions to reaver server and fixed a saving bug.

    June 2009

  • mshow effects fixed. (wiz command)
  • new show guilds filters: levels, real, societies

    April 2009

  • Saunavasta

    March 2009

  • Protset command.
  • protection coordinator skill.
  • show effects, expansions and bugfixes

    February 2009

  • show effects [target] [brief]
  • added FW/PROT time showing to aura detection

    January 2009

  • Godly presence event.

    November 2008

  • Coded Rane, the bouncer. Kake's older brother. Much worse than last time.
  • Coded Kake, the bouncer
  • fixed log cmd to support various logfiles in root, such as ldmud.log
  • Fixed the spell server so it doesn't crash if a spell doesn't compile.

    July 2008

  • set camping_tellstatus
  • Automatic "(Camping)" in tellstatus if used.

    April 2008

  • Fishing Extravaganza event.
  • Including various upgrades to the event and skill in between june and august.

    February 2008

  • Finished coding Mechajorgos - the city destroyer.

    January 31 2008:

  • Added the old barn miniarea.

    January 2008

  • greater darkness and greater light tunes, plus made them recharge and empower on recast.

    January 2008

  • broker command and server added.
  • slots added.
  • Old Oak Forest area completed

    November 2007:

  • Helperr command and server. Tracks queried help files that do not exist.

    November 2005:

  • Fixed two bugs in coffers.
  • Fixed weight bug in purses.
  • Small things like wrong/missing stat modifiers/checks in a few spells and
  • Fixes in skills (7-10 of them I think).
  • A few manpages
  • Corrected a serious bug in a pair of bracers in the game.

    September 2005:

  • Exp pool in prompt.
  • Fixed a bug in show experience.
  • Fixed a bug in a race.
  • Fixed a bug in rebirth.

    July 2005:

  • show experience now shows lifetime exp rate

    June 2005

  • Coded the most useful 'aphorism' command! Damn I'm good.

    April 2005

  • coded the higly useful 'lvl' command!

    April 2005

  • Luxury shops give hicoins now.
  • fixed orc invasion event.
  • fixed a bug in all protspells
  • fixed a bug in shops
  • fixed a bug in coffers January 2005
  • Moneycoffers are in the game. Enjoy. December 2004
  • phonebook command added

    Nov 2004

  • party invite all added.

    October 2004

  • Coded inventory restore functions and a room in which inventory can be restored.

    September 2004

  • Made a hack for replacing items with wear

    July 2004

  • blindfolds. Buy them in tinker shop.
  • blind-check for count command.
  • fixed some small issues related to blindness.

    May 2004

  • Fixed dehydrating for undead and water allergic races.

    February 2004

  • Fixed Tarmalen train level.
  • FW dispels HW and vice versa on items. FW still not possible on livings.

    January 2004

  • Year 666 event. New outworld maps, ~10 outworld (demon)mobs with specials and portals and some minor stuffs.
  • Phone command.
  • Outpost area was tuned a bit and some bugfixes were made. Now it should work pretty well.

    December 2003

  • Fixed some manual pages that were not up to date.
  • Fixed a bug that occured in all outworld monsters.
  • Fixed a bug in heavy weight spell.
  • Fixed a bug in battle code.
  • Added 'keep list' feature.

    November 2003

  • Outpost area.

    November 2003

  • Changed camping skill so merfolk and duck can camp in water.

    August 2003

  • Added Russian roulette into the game.
  • Made a new spell, 'enhanced awareness'
  • Recoded the main features in Ruffneck's old 'farm' area.
  • Beastlands area completed and released.
  • Bugfixes for outworld monster.

    Date unknown

  • tpcalc reversed
  • fixes in 'show'
  • wgwho command (wiz command).
  • natasha's areas, constant bugfixes and typofixes.