Timeline of projects:

1993Started playing
2006Batshoppe and ReincSim
6.2.2023Gold Panner microquest - Lvl 26
14.3.2023Krev Estate area - Lvl 35
27.3.2023Screen reader versions of p prots, p place, p status and p status short
14.4.2023Birthday stuff - Lvl 40
1.6.2023Screen reader version of clairvoyance
14.7.2023Gallery cave area - lvl 50
22.7.2023Screen reader version of outworld map and look and beadmaps.
26.7.2023Screen reader version of city and city-like area map and look. And aelena darkclair.
1.8.2023Screen reader version of triad control marsh 'detect' map.
28.8.2023Screen reader versions of ship view, map and scan.