Las Islas de Tormentas

The Pirate Headquarters
Originally begun by Dralith years ago, I've resurrected the project and involved others to create a massive release of pirate-themed content.

Asvera Village

My First Original Area
Asvera Village is my first original area, which I coded primarily during my first few weeks as a wizard. Originally abandoned, I have returned to finish it.

Facebook and Twitter

Bringing BatMUD to Facebook and Twitter.
Fusce venenatis lobortis nunc, vitae laoreet mi ultricies at.

Batzilla and Bugfixing

Customer Service, an Obsession?
Ever since I wizzed, I have been simply immersed in the bugfixing scene. It is my belief that if someone bothered to report it, it means something to them. It's my job as a developer to fix these, to bring a better experience to all.


Contact Me

I prefer in-game.
The e-mail listed below goes to the same place as my mudmail does.

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