I started my BatMUD career somewhere near 1996. Played a short while with character named Blackhand. Soon after I had started the game went through that long conversion. During conversion friend of mine told me about another game named ZombieMud. As i was already addicted to MUDs I went straight through to the zombie and stayed there for a while. During early 1998 I got bored to zombie, mainly because of its lack of challenge for me. So I quitted and move back to BatMUD.

After several years of playing I managed to gather enought experience to do the rebirth thing and started over again, this time playing under the name Toxin. Year or so after rebirthing I started to study programming langues more closely and got very interested. Instantly knowing that this would be my cup of tea, I send wizardhood application to BatMUD. 7.7.2005 I was approved to wizardhood of BatMUD.