Era's BatClient trigs

Some batclient-trigs

Trig creation helper (javascript)

Installing the trigs

Add these to the "Documents and Settings\yourname\batclient\scripts" directory.
Then either restart client or run "/scriptreload" and "/scriptbootup".
prots.bcs Prot tracking trigs (Full version).
rounds.bcs Actions performed every combatround (Good and ready trig).
spellnames.bcs Replaces spellwords with spellword+spellname. Eg. You utter 'ful' (light). (Created by Dazzt, thanks to him).
lite.bcs Various lite trigs (pretty beta, but do check if you're ready to edit stuff yourself too).
gag.bcs Some gagged lines (sampleish).
mage_analyse.bcs Trigs to print analyse results + dcrit/essence/etc. Created by Wermine.
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