Era's BatClient trig generator thingie 1.0

Some batclient trigs | Tiny batpages of Era

(Must be unique among all trigs)
Trigger body
  Match from the beginning: Match from the end:
  Simple: Regexp:
Option A:
1. Cut&paste this to client
2. ???
3. Profit
(No lites, harder to maintain, but simple). You can edit these trigs at batclient/conf/triggers.xml.
Option B (preferred method):
1. Create a new bcs script file (eg. Settings/Script editor)
2. Cut&paste this inside bootup() { -HERE- }
3. /scriptreload
4. /scriptbootup
This is a bit more complicated but easier to manage different trig files. The recommended way for advanced users. (Also, read manuals about BatClient scripting and see the more complicated samples for pointers).