I am a wizard, currently working on maintaining a guild called the Runemages,
something we put together with with Shardik.
And now, for something completely different. A picture of me!

So, in addition to the guild, I've done two areas up to now,
one called 'Dark Castle' and another, known as 'The Circus'.
Both are approx 80 rooms in size. Click here or here for a preview. Some info about entries to my areas.
I've also recieved some feedback about a monster called Kaiba on that area.

My other feats include the 'kblock' -command,
some additions to party code ('stun' and 'camp' flags) some bugfixes and an emote or two.

I made a JavaScript implementation of the coloured ASCII BatMap, compressing the map with a RLE scheme, bringing the size of the file down to 64kB, but requiring lots of CPU time from your machine. It decompresses in ~18 seconds on my 1,47GHz XWindows box running Mozilla 1.0.1. Caution! It will not work with MS Internet Explorer and can cause undesired effects, if system resources run low.
Check it out here.

In the summer of '02 I started working on a MUD area design tool for XWindows, using Xlib.
It is still in a very early state and I've abandoned the project for now. A screenshot.

A few remotely Bat-related pictures

My personal homepage

Some regen fodder
Ninjai, Quotes from Phillip K. Dick, Mini-Mizer, Bushisms, Cutie Quake,

Some audio
Chiptune, Kohina, Radio Electro,

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