The first time I was introduced to BatMUD must be somewhere during the year 1994, but one could say that I actively began to play it during the year 2001. I have been more or less active during the years and if I haven't been active myself, there has always a been friend who has and it has been a nice topic to talk about.

If anyone cares about my personal likes, the guild of bards in the game has been the one that has offered me the most, but I could also say that channellers (with bards), tigers(was it secret? You didn't get this information here!) and lords of chaos have been the guilds that I've played a little longer.

Someone also requested me to add a list of monsters that I've slain during my mortal career. I have the list, but it is rather long and hard to maintain, so I've actually gathered my Satyr shrine monsters as a list.
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