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Batclient trigs (available from client too)

Batclient trig-creation tool (javascript)

Ens fully equipped


I have a couple of plans (just a bit over 350), which change randomly. Most of them are in finnish, but there are enough english plans for the non-finns to enjoy. The actual mechanism is as follows: when somebody fingers me, a random plan is picked, with bias on plans the fingerer hasn't yet seen. When new plan is picked, there is a 2 minute period when the plan doesn't change (to let others share on that one, if the fingerer so wishes).

Boon calculator

Some tf-trigs (only limited amount of tested and pretty ones)

FileDescription Quite decent prot trigs (remember to edit your name to the right variable.) Barbarian reputation display (displays your change, doesn't get confused by viewing other reps). Calculates the total worth of coins inside a purse. Formats contents of reagent-pouches to a nicer output, including spellnames. Does a summary of contents of a forge. Usage: /forgecheck [forge name] (somewhat development stage). Created out of request, somewhat untested and preliminary, comments and feature-requests accepted. Qsort for tf. Required in Baturl gagger for batmud. (gags the [ baturl ] part for urls shorter than x (easily editable in the trig). Tab completion (for words starting with capital letter). Created by Mozzoop. Tab completion (for words starting with capital letter or directories and files ending with .h, .c or .o). Created by Mozzoop, limited filenamesupport added by Era.

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