I'm not sure if it is interesting, but most people do so, I will provide some personal info here. :)
My real name is Vladimir Lazarenko. I'm native Russian, live in the Netherlands currently.
I work at LogicaCMG Wireless Networks.

My main interests are UNIX development, networking, and I work in the same industry (almost).

Also I like to travel all over the world when I have spare time. (spare time? What am I talking about?)
But nevertheless I have collected a small number of pictures from ndifferent places I have visited,
and I have hosted them on my website, which can be found at http://www.lazarenko.net

Is absolutely the best game I have ever played. I have started in 1999, when one day I got tired of
watching Dandy looking at some weird lines of text which resembled IRC a bit I came to him
and asked to explain to me in easy words, what the hell he is doing.

There is started, and never finished. Yes, I'm sick with this game, I tried to quit, I tried to stop, no.
It is love for life. I was born as a new character here, I will die here it seems too.

19th of August 2002 I have been accepted to the developers (Wizards) team of BatMUD. Since then I'm trying
to assist game development by putting my small pieces of code into it. List of so far completed projects
you can see below.
New! 23 October 2006, I have been accepted to the team of Archwizards of BatMUD.

Most of the times my projects have nothing to do with mortal life. So this list is far from complete,
but this is the best I can do for you to inform you about my activities. If you are a wizard - feel
free to inquire in the game, I'll be glad to show you around the stuff I have done.
  • Chess and chess room in BatCity.
  • New news reader (and also old one was converted to use sql)
  • Expleeching event. (Yes, beat me, bite me)
  • Mapper scrolls
  • Different level ignore for different channels support
  • Web interface for newsreader
  • Emotes search command 'efind'
  • Made it possible to have equipment-related emotes
  • Added support for monsters to react on emotes targetted at them or around
  • Jarear's newbie playgrounds (in cooperation with Hackop)
  • Capture The Flag event (in cooperation with Hackop)
  • New player killing system (SS pkill clans)
  • Added realtime currency conversion to 'convert' command
  • Monsters factions
  • Constantly doing small fixes to things I see.
And some feedbacks to them.
Some players even dedicate their time to create photo-feedbacks about my projects.

Of course players can't be forgotten. They submit such a bunch of wonderful
ideas all the time.

Take a closer look

Some players are very inventive in singing songs to bored wizards!

Capula tells you 'Are you coding tonight,'
Capula tells you 'do you miss coding tonight?'
Capula tells you 'Are you sorry code bugged apart?'
Capula tells you 'Does your memory stray to a brighter sunny day'
Capula tells you 'When mortals missed you and called you sweetheart?'
Capula tells you 'Do the chairs in your parlor seem empty and bare?'
Capula tells you 'Do you gaze at your doorstep and picture bat there?'
Capula tells you 'Is your heart filled with pain, shall bugs come back again?'
Capula tells you 'Tell me dear, are you coding tonight?'

Complete guide to cows.
You just want to see this.

...all of my friends who helped me in my mortal life, who have been spending time in parties with me, taught
me, killed me, liked me and hated me.

Special thanks to Gore and Zin for being my sponsors as a wizard (I can be an annoying codeslave :), and
to all the rest of our wizardry team, for bearing my bugs in code, and helping me to sort them out.

Feel free to mail me at favorit@batmud.bat.org if you want to reach me.