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I'm happy that you have stumbled in to my homepage, it show that you have interest
beside just whacking monsters. BatMUD is about a lot more things then just killing the same monsters over and over again and gaining experience. I hope you have learned that or that you will understand what I mean some day. The most remarkable thing about BatMUD is that it has its own living history and every player have their own stories to tell. My homepage will tell you about some of my history and my contributions to BatMUD. A MUD that has been around for more then 10 years has a legacy that is hard to comprehend for someone new to this game. You might think that the game would have  been played through by a major part of the player of our huge player society,  but that is far from true. Constant development and fine tunenings throughout the year have kept our players at bay and there are still plenty of challenges left for 99.99% of our players. Someone might have done about everything that can be done, but I'm not to updated about that. Don't think anyone is and if  he have done everything you can do he probably think there's something that he has forgotten.  With over 300 users on at any given time you'll find yourself in an environment that isn't so much different from the real world. The economy is a real thing and is constantly monitored by us wizards (coders of the game) to keep inflation at bay. Equipment and favours are sold between players for Batmoney. Huge players cities have been built upon on our batworld. I would like to call this the best mud in the world, but  you try and make up your mind. I have to warn you though, if you get passed the threshold, after which you have learned the game concepts,  you might get hooked and addicted. It's for sure a real addiction, how would you otherwise explain that some players have over 2 years gametime(!) spent in their characters.

                         d$$"    .$$" ^$$c   ^*$$.
                       z$$"     4$$"   ^$$c     *$b.
     BBBBB           d$P      z$$"     ^$$L     ^$$.       TTTTTTT
     B    B         J$P      z$$"       ^$$b     ^$$          T
     BBBBB     $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$F     T
     B    B        4$$     J$$"            $$b    4$$         T
     BBBBB         ^$$    d$$               *$$   4$$         T
                    $$L  d$$                 *$$  $$%
                     ^$$cd$$                   *$$d$P
                      ^$$$$                     *$$P
                        *$$c                  .d$$"
                         ^*$$bc.           .e$$P"     Logo by: Malitrius
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