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Vacuum is my hcbat character. He is kind of hibernating right now, I can't find any motivation at all to play there right now. But I get an urge to play Bat now and then.  So well its better to go there and play for a while then remort, dont you think? Well Vacuum isn't really any newbie and I've managed quite well during my carreer there. I've killed most of the eq monsters that people have managed to bring down on hcbat and have a decent equipment (Tom's Coat!). HCBat people that want to talk to me may use the intermud tells.
Vacuum logs
Vacuum isn't the only time I've played a BatMUD clone, I played some on old bat too. That was around ~1998(?) when old bat was just opened. Haven't played there since 1998 at least.  I remember that old bat was quite easy and I've killed everything there that is worth killing a few times (Narcuul, Burgle, Akira, monsters in Khans dark realms etc). Actually I think I did solo Burgle, but can't remember clearly about that time. Well Burgle died from a bug though, so wasn't really a solo kill. Well, well its not
like it matters anymore. For those that used to live in my castle that no longer can get in (Sarmangoth, Ymir and Darshan), the castle is robbed so don't bother about that.

                         d$$"    .$$" ^$$c   ^*$$.
                       z$$"     4$$"   ^$$c     *$b.
     BBBBB           d$P      z$$"     ^$$L     ^$$.       TTTTTTT
     B    B         J$P      z$$"       ^$$b     ^$$          T
     BBBBB     $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$F     T
     B    B        4$$     J$$"            $$b    4$$         T
     BBBBB         ^$$    d$$               *$$   4$$         T
                    $$L  d$$                 *$$  $$%
                     ^$$cd$$                   *$$d$P
                      ^$$$$                     *$$P
                        *$$c                  .d$$"
                         ^*$$bc.           .e$$P"     Logo by: Malitrius
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