"So who or what is Darol?"

The person behind the nickname is Topi Mansikkaviita, long time developer of BatMUD, a fantasy-roleplaying game online. I live in Jyväskylä, Finland.

BatMUD has been a hobby of mine for years and has been a source of great entertainment and has offered things to do. I've gotten very many friends throughout the social community and even from around the globe. Even though everyone is not playing anymore there are many people who I still know in real life and that wouldn't have happened without me playing the game.

Although playing the game once used to be one of the hobbies of mine, programming languages and coding have always been a bigger hobby of mine. When I was offered a chance to develop BatMUD, I was tempted to take that that opportunity. It was a good way to actually combine my two hobbies and develop the game in a community that is already familiar to me. Thus I decided to take the whole thing to another level and give it a shot and became a developer (or wizard as they say in the game) 6.12.2005, date that coincidentally is the independence day of Finland (except for the year).
Darol's Batmud Website