Ancona Manor

This is the first area of mine, but hopefully not the last. When I was thinking of an idea for my first project, I was pondering over some various ideas. I already had an idea, but it was too complicated to be my first project. I wanted my idea to be something uncommon, but also special. There's this saying that fact is sometimes more amazing than fiction, or something like that. The idea for the level quest 48, Successor of Province, is partially based on this idea. It is supposed to offer a solution that is not very commonly used and seeks to find alternative that is different from what people are accustomed to see.

Before even thinking about where everything would take place, I wrote a background story of what had happened something like 20 years ago before this quest takes place. Based on this story I tried to imagine how the events would undergo and what it eventually would look like. After I had planned the whole story, I gave my first thought to where this all would take place. I already knew approximately that it was going to be somewhere near Rilynt'tar, but I hadn't had everything yet planned for that. Finally I decided to go with the solution of making this all happen in a big estate. I just had to introduce the elements of the area to match the plot so that everything would seem somewhat realistic. As a whole Ancona manor is not supposed to offer any mysteries, such as dragons or magic, but to play with twisted mind.

Some people have also asked if this is based on some book, but it isn't. It has also been asked if the name "Ancona" comes from  something, but I'm afraid to disappoint by saying that it hasn' got any connections on anything and if there somewhere is someone with the same name, it's purely a coincidence. I've already gotten some feedback about the area and I'm glad that majority of the people seems to like it and have given me positive feedback. Also negative feedback is welcome and every feedback you give will be read, even if it wouldn't result in any changes. :)

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