The Wanderlust (started, somewhat delayed..)

Wanderlust is the working title for next project of mine as a whole. Instead of a single location, I am going to be forced to scatter scenic locations around the map a bit so that the story would make more sense. This is actually how the project name has been invented and refers to the distances that one has to walk in order to see all the places.

Then what can be said about the whole project? Unlike my first project, Ancona Manor, this is supposed to be more mysterious with some magical and mystic elements adding up extra spice. The challenges of Wanderlust are going to be dangerous, but I'm taking it as my personal goal to build the project so that there should be something for
everyone, including newbies and highbies.

"Something for newbies and highbies, eh? Well let us know what is it? What is it all about?"

Probably best way to approach the theme is to take a brief glance to the quest description of The Madman of Quasilombo that I wrote:

A man came to the shore. He was coming from the sea and he was inside a barrel and was unconscious. There was a single oar inside the barrel and a sail attached to a pole, but the sail was torn and the pole was out of its place. This all was witnessed near the deserted shore of Ludenburg. After he was revived by the medics of Ludenburg, he was being asked who he is and where is he coming from. He began telling his story and about the places that he had seen and the people he had met. The stories were wild and incredible and one out of many, a place called Quasilombo, seemed to be the most mysterious of them all. The survivor kept on going on and on about the things he had seen, not realizing at all that the people who previously had been keen to listen, no longer had the same anticipation to do that. He received sad smiles whenever he told his stories and finally he was the one and only who actually believed the stories that he told.

The citizens of Ludenburg were worried that he had been floating on the sea for days and it might have had a negative influence on him and he might have started hallucinating and picturing things that never existed. He was taken to the insane asylum of Ludenburg, but he always claimed that the stories that he told were true.

Some years passed and a visitor arrived to the asylum. It was his sister. His sister had been looking for him for years, but only by now had she received information that her brother had been found. She had thought that her brother had perished, but all these years she wasn't sure and never gave up. The stories that this survivor from the sea had told seemed to be true as far as it concerned the early events of his life, his time in Margolia and his life near the city of Calythien. Still the stories of the distant island of Quasilombo were so incredible that neither the stories nor the island could ever be true. Yet it left a suspicion that what if they were?

Your mission is to find out whether the man is really insane and if he is not, bring trustworthy evidence from the island of Quasilombo in order to rescue the man from the asylum.

This being said (or written?) let's take a small tour to the some of the places that you will be seeing in the future, shall we?

The village of Ludenburg

The village of Ludenburg is an exotic place somewhere where the sun goes down late and where the sand dunes are formed by the desert wind. It is located on the desert but is also quite near to the sea. Even if Ludenburg is not the richest of the places, it offers friendly people and exotic products to purchase and is an oasis of old knowledge and skill amid the civilized world. The architecture of Ludenburg doesn't offer things to see and many of the buildings are obsolete and degradated, but the bazaars of Ludenburg certainly are worth to see.

A person who travels to Ludenburg is almost every time startled by something that is typical to the village. The geographic location of the village brings a nuisance from the sea. Being the rare source of groceries, Ludenburg is being picked on by greedy birds such as rocs and harpies that terrorize the villagers. However, travellers need not be concerned, since the air balloon brigade of Ludenburg is very efficient today and almost all the birds are already slain above the sea.

The town of Margolia

Margolia is a a small town that has a big river near it and also access to the sea. This makes it an excellent place to be doing fishing. It is located in place near the most sea routes. Many trader ships sell their products to Margolia to avoid sailing to the more distant cities. Margolia sells most of the products that it buys, but even so it leaves the village with a great variety of imported goods. Basically Margolia is a place that does fishing and lives by distributing products to other cities. It's a rare day if there are no fleets in the harbour.

Margolia is also a place that is well-known for its gladiator fights. Many managers stay in Margolia and recruit new gladiators to fight at arena in Margolia. It's a spectacular event that gathers the most revenue, and also brings people of Margolia together.

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