Triad of Darkness

Triad of Darkness follows the Evil Priests that were created by Coren. The guild is a congregation where its members start as novices and raise in hierarchy to become priests. The new guild is divided into three smaller guilds: Triad of Darkness (novices), Monastic School (curates) and the Polytheistic Seminary (priests). Most of the members of the guild are likely to be novices, but there are other positions such as novice master, a person who is a spiritual guide to the novices. Higher positions include curates (assistant priests), priests, and specific priests who are higher in hierarchy.

The Triad of Darkness concentrates mostly on the three main gods of the religion known as Triadism. The main gods of the guild are Draen-Dalar, Burglefloogah and Sa'hr. Each of these gods is a metaphor for a concept: Draen-Dalar is Darkness and Evil, Sa'hr is Death and the natural way of life (without death there is no life), and Burglefloogah is a champion for those shunned ones who don't have a voice.

The guild concentrates on causing harm and includes death as an alternative theme. Important concepts in the guild are death as a concept in afterlife, but also as a concept while being alive, in form of deadly sins. The guild also offers some minor stuff that are related to the denizens of the swamp.

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