The Legions of Blood God

While Kharim is a demanding god, there are those who adore his ways. Bloodfilled battlefields and the feeling of superiority over the weak is one of the reasons why there are so many followers of Kharim. These followers are self-assured brutes whose customs may seem barbaric and cruel and chaotic at best. Nonetheless, there is a surprisingly high number of devotees who live to be weighed worthy before the eyes of Kharim. They train hard to be masters of combat, always adapting to different situations. While these warfaring lords act mercilessly, their combat strategy is strict and cautious, although spurred by elements of chaos. These are the traits that are respected by Kharim. Victories in combat require physical fitness and skill, both of which can be gained through hard work. Kharim detests the use of magic and does not perform direct interventions to choose sides in combat. True heroes must survive by themselves, but these high lords are valued greatly by Kharim and and ascend in ranks. Weaker ones find themselves neglected by Kharim as he does not wish to be associated with such frail ones.

The training in legions of Kharim is divided into several fields of expertise. Trainers are there to provide optimal training for everyone. You can think of it as a university which not only teaches the basic combat skills, but also provides theoretical war strategy and goes through the main elements of chaos. The legion needs all kinds of people. While the legion offers different fields of expertise to specialize in, it is everyone's own choice how they choose to take advantage of the training. The legionaries of Kharim are known to be trained to several tasks that include:

Legions of Blood God will recruit disciples of chaos from both evil religious and nomad backgrounds. They will learn to use short blades, long blades and shields. The legionaries of Kharim gain the possibility to wield a chaos sword. The rumour has it that the headquarters of Kharim is going to be located in central Rothikgen, northeast of Shadowkeep. And somewhere there's the Hall of One Thousand Voices hidden where the chaotic legionaries dedicate their life to chaos. Inside the hall you will find several dark templars who will teach you the basics of chaos and help you during your quests. Some people even mention the mythical Kharim's vault exists somewhere in under the Hall of One Thousand Voices. But is it a myth, or really a forgotten shrine? I'll let you find out.

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